D E S I G N   :   L A B


DESIGN:LAB has worked with media and print companies in many different capacities spanning photography, digital retouching/compositing, videography, graphic/logo/brand design & marketing strategies. Certified in Canvas LMS, DESIGN:LAB has assisted in content integration, update, and management for a growing number of educational institutions.

In these current challenging times, one great cause is to keep abreast of the technological advances that assist our young in acquiring the knowledge that will not only sustain our world, but create the change that will benefit humanity and gaia.

DESIGN:LAB’s field of expertise and experience ranges from academia, to commercial and professional brands. DESIGN:LAB’s core beliefs and working strategies comprise the understanding that new technology is only another tool, and when used correctly, artistically, and coherently assists the design process and outcome, resulting in an harmonious fusion of form, function, and accountability for each client and their message, or product/service. Everything at DESIGN:LAB is with the utmost concern of creating sustainably–using renewable materials and resources, safe inks, etc. 

Every job, person, or company is treated with the same attention to detail, respect, and commitment. Beautiful efficient communicated design adds to the functionality of us all. Call and let us find out together how DESIGN:LAB’s creative marketing and innovative thinking can help you obtain the goals and outcomes you wish to acquire.

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